IIW President Bina Vyasin raportti kaudesta 2020-2021

I am very pleased to attach the detailed Report of the year 20-21 covering almost all aspects of achievements done by Clubs all over the world.

I convey my Hearty Congratulations to you, all District & Club Leaders for the superb work done during the year.
I understand some countries, in spite of wishing, could not achieve all that they wanted due to lockdowns and curfews.

A Big Thank You to all of you for the fantastic support, cooperation, love, affection and excellent Leadership by you and your Team.

I will always miss our wonderful year, our solid rapport and relationship built over the year and also our physical Meeting. We will certainly meet next year and as planned twice every year …

Lots of love and best wishes
Dr Bina Vyas
IIW President 20-21