IIW Presidentin, Dr. Bina Vyasin viimeinen kuukausikirje

My Dear Change Maker Leaders
I am extremely happy to write to you my last Monthly Letter to you for the year 2020-21.
How I wish this beautiful journey of our memorable association would continue for a longer time. But we all know that our posts are for one year only.
Our term comes to an end by June 30.
Last July 2020, our odyssey to LEAD THE CHANGE started with great positivity.
The Theme LEAD THE CHANGE brought many CHANGES in the working of our Inner Wheel Organisation.
There are many FIRSTS during this year :

  • IIW President’s 7 GOALS
  • Leadership Development Training Programs
  • Monthly Letters by IIW President
  • Focussed on NEW GEN CLUBS for young women in age group 18-30
  • Gave to the Inner Wheel World – the FIRST VIRTUAL 18th IIW CONVENTION
    With the world record of 4,434 Highest Registrations from 72 countries

Unfortunately the pandemic has hit us badly this year and we were left helpless amidst lockdowns and curfews.

However, I congratulate you and all Members of your Club for the good work you have all done to further the ideology of Inner Wheel. I express my gratitude to you and all Members for your love, affection and friendship.

Though the Year is over, I assure you that I will ever remain a FRIEND to you and the Club and will remain connected with you.
I bid goodbye to you now.

Be safe, Be Happy and Keep working for the betterment of our wonderful Inner Wheel Organisation……
Lots of Love & Best Wishes

Dr Bina Vyas
International Inner Wheel